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Vegetarian Sweets

Have you ever thought of Vegetarian Fish n Chips? We did and they’re on offer and popular!   

Browse this category and be amazed of how many sweets will suit your taste! For prices and weights click on the items below.

Aniseed Twist                                                      Mint Imperials
Vanilla Fudge                                                       Brown Drops
Paradise Fruits                                                     Spearmint Chews
Fish n Chips                                                         Treacle Toffee  
Milk Chocolate Beans                                          Milk Chocolate Eclairs

Shop now for Vegetarian sweets! Buy a bag of these delicious treats for only £0.99 (VAT and delivery included).

Fish n Chips

Milk Chocolate Beans

Mint Imperials

Paradise Fruits

Vanilla Fudge

Aniseed Twist