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Retro Sweets

Get that old feeling back as you browse our selection of old time favourites. All  of our sweets are delicious and well- priced  so you wouldn’t want to miss a great deal! Click on the items below to go to eshop.

Jelly Beans                             White Jazzies                        Strawberries       White Drops
Midget Gems                          Liquorice Allsorts                  Bananas              Bullseyes
Wine Gums                             Pineapple Cubes                  Fizzy Cola           
Jelly Babies                            Teddy Bears                          Cola Bottles  
Cherry Kisses                         Fizzy Dummies                      Alphabet Letters     
Choccy Jazzies                      Pear Drops                            Dolly mixtures

Shop now for Retro sweets! Get your old time favourites for only £0.99 (VAT and delivery included)

Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans

Fizzy Dummies

Teddy Bears

Midget Gems